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How to use CBD oil

There are more and more products on the market based on CBD oil. However, there are still doubts about how to use this type of oil.

Here are four tips on how to use hemp oil.

CBD oil can be administered in different ways:

Experts believe that the most beneficial way to administer the oil is by sublingual intake, either with a dropper or a sprayer, to achieve faster and more regular absorption of the active ingredient.

By placing the oil under the tongue, you allow it to be absorbed through the buccal mucosa. This is one of the fastest absorption pathways the body has and facilitates the cannabinoids to reach the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the body quickly.

It is recommended that the person avoids swallowing saliva while the oil is under the tongue.

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In the case of Isolated or Broad spectrum products, the effects will be milder than the Full Spectrum products, since the latter have the entourage effect and allow to take advantage of the synergy between cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes of the plant.

That is why, in the end, the use of Full Spectrum oils are the most recommended by specialists.

Another way to apply CBD oil is topically with creams, CBD-rich ointments, gels or taking it through infusions, for example.

You can use it to moisturize your skin

Some of the benefits associated with CBD oil is skin hydration. For this reason, some people often choose to administer it topically with creams. In this case, the ointment should be applied in small doses and evenly. In addition, it is recommended to rub the area where it is applied with light circular movements 2 to 3 times a day.

At the moment of application, a light massage should be given to facilitate the absorption of the cream or ointment.

You can mix it with other foods to give it more flavor.

As we have mentioned, another option to take CBD oil is to add it to food.

In this case, we refer to CBD infusions. To be dissolved, CBD needs fatty elements because it does not dissolve only with hot water.

To prepare the CBD tea infusion, we heat water to boiling point. Subsequently, we add a cloud of whole milk that will provide the necessary fats to dissolve the tea. It is very important to put a fatty element, such as whole milk or butter, so that the cannabinoids can dissolve and take advantage of all its properties.

Finally, place the tea bag inside and remove it after 3 to 5 minutes.

What is the correct dosage?

If you are trying CBD oil for the first time, it is advisable to start with the minimum amount indicated on the bottle. You can then evaluate the effect of the oil and increase the dosage according to your needs.

For example, in our 2% myCBD oil, the minimum recommended dose in one dose is 3 drops (equivalent to 2 mg of CBD) and the maximum is 9 drops (equivalent to 6 mg).

These amounts of CBD, can be considered “low” depending on each person or their weight, so we advise you to consult a specialist for any doubt.

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