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Installing A Bathroom Vanity

A quick as well as fairly affordable way to freshen the look of your bathroom is to replace the vanity. With a little preparation, it can be ended up in a day.

First and foremost, measure the room readily available and also note them down. Step your old vanity also, to ensure that you could utilize it as an overview when attempting to imagine how much larger or smaller sized your new vanity will certainly look.

After getting your brand-new vanity, prepare the necessary tools called for. Essentially, they are flexible wrenches, pry bar, energy knife, power drill, caulking gun, slide joint pliers, gauging tape, woodworker’s level drywall screws, shims, opening saws as well as stud finder.

If uncertain or doing not have any kind of tools, see your nearby equipment shop and they can encourage you. For individual safety, be equipped with safety and security goggles as well as face masks. Currently, it is time to get rid of the old vanity.

Firstly, cut water supply by turning off the turned off shutoffs for both cool as well as warm water supply. With an adjustable wrench, disconnect all supply tubes from the faucet bases. Next off, position a jug listed below the sink catch as well as use a set of adjustable pliers to get rid of the catch.

Second of all, get rid of the cabinet doors and also drawers. Utilizing a screwdriver or outlet wrench, get rid of all the screws that were holding the vanity to the wall. They are usually in the edges or in a rail across the back of the vanity.

To get rid of the top from the base, get rid of the screws or use a pry bar. Next, remove the basin as well as carefully raise it out. This makes it simpler to remove as well as handle the vanity top.

Utilizing a crowbar, remove the back splash from the wall meticulously. Since the old vanity is out, check the area for any kind of problems or rots as well as fix them prior to mounting the new vanity.

To mount the brand-new vanity, find the studs in the wall and also make location marks on the wall surface. Make a decision where to position your brand-new vanity and also mark its setting on the wall.

Next, thoroughly measure the locations of the pipes as well as drain lines and also mark these pipe areas to the rear of the vanity. Use an opening saw at the very least 1/2 inch larger than your pipe, as well as pierce holes for the water lines.

Lay old coverings or rags on the floor to minimize floor damages. With someone’s assistance, lift up the vanity right into place and pierce pilot holes in the back for placing screws, ensuring that the holes are straightened with the wall studs.

If your vanity has a built-in basin, install the taps initially by placing them into the pre-cut openings and afterwards tighten them with a wrench. Affix the water system lines to the faucets as well as the tail pipeline to the sink drainpipe.

Ultimately, run a bead of sticky caulk along all top edges of vanity closet and also location the top on the vanity, seeing to it is level and tightly versus the wall.

However, if your sink is different from the oak top vanity, install the counter top first, then the taps and afterwards put the penetrate the counter top.

Finally, attach all the water system lines to the supply shutoffs as well as the sink trap to the drain lines. Run some caulk around the bases of the taps as well as the seams where the sides of the back splash meet the wall. Switch on the water and also check for any leakages and you are done!

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